Watch Peter Dering - Peak Design

Watch Peter Dering - Peak Design

Peter Dering - Peak Design

Kickstarted: Crowdfunding Masterclass Edition • 26m

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    Interview with LeVar Burton just after he'd completed his record breaking Kickstarter campaign for 'Reading Rainbow'. LeVar and his team raised over $5.4m from 105,857 backers.

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    Eric is well known for having the first Kickstarter campaign to go over $10m from 68,929 backers for the smart watch 'Pebble'. There was only a handful of pebblers when this happened and fueled by their huge crowdfunding success they have gone on to build a worldwide brand, tech company and becom...

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    Interview with Amanda Palmer about why she chose to ditch her record label and go down the crowdfunding route and her experience with Kickstarter and raising $1.2m from nearly 25k backers.