Watch LeVar Burton

Watch LeVar Burton

Up Next in Kickstarted: Crowdfunding Masterclass Edition

  • Eric Migicovsky - Pebble

    Eric is well known for having the first Kickstarter campaign to go over $10m from 68,929 backers for the smart watch 'Pebble'. There was only a handful of pebblers when this happened and fueled by their huge crowdfunding success they have gone on to build a worldwide brand, tech company and becom...

  • Amanda Palmer

    Interview with Amanda Palmer about why she chose to ditch her record label and go down the crowdfunding route and her experience with Kickstarter and raising $1.2m from nearly 25k backers.

  • Kickstarted

    Kickstarted follows the stories of three creators who turn to the 'crowd' in order to pursue their dreams. These creators all recognized that crowdfunding has opened the doors of opportunity to anyone who wants to bring an idea to life. Seemingly, all you need to do is ask for support. What they ...